December 27, 2007

Single? Be Happy!

(From my October 14, 2007 posting on my Friendster Blog)

When you’re single, everyone asks you the same question. When are you getting married? When you are in your thirty’s, the question becomes, why aren’t you married? Whatever the reason is you’re probably tired of hearing it.


It can sometimes be even worse if you’re single, in your thirty’s and you don’t even have a steady mate. People sometimes wonder what’s wrong with you. The answer to that question is obviously nothing. You can be happy and single without a mate.


The first step to being single and happy is to be happy with yourself. If you are happy with who you are then it won’t matter what other people say or think. Because there will be many times as a single person that you will want to go out and do something but don’t have any one to do anything with. For example, if all of your closest friends are married or have a significant other you may feel like a third wheel hanging out with them. Or the only free time these couples may have they want to spend it alone with each other or other couples. This is no time to feel sorry for yourself. Get out of the house and do something. Don’t be afraid to do your favorite activities by yourself.


Volunteer your time to a favorite charity. Go in there intent on doing what you can to help them reach there goals. Join a church and become active there. Find a ministry to serve in and volunteer your time there. In both of your volunteer activities you’ll be around other like-minded individuals and may even make some lasting friendships.


Just because you don’t have a mate doesn’t mean you can’t go out. If you want to go out and can’t get together with any of your friends, go out by yourself. If you like going to the movies, go alone. No one will look at you funny if you’re sitting there by yourself. Everybody is there for the same reason you are, to enjoy the movie and to be entertained. The first time it may seem strange reacting loudly by yourself at the screen but you will get used to it. Don’t be afraid to go to a restaurant by yourself either. Instead of having someone to talk to before, during and after your meal, bring a book or magazine to read. It will pass up the time. You’ll also notice that your meal is brought to you faster when you are by yourself than when you are with a date or a few people. I don’t know if it is because cooking one plate of food is quicker than cooking two or more and having them ready at the same time, or if the waiter is trying to get rid of you sooner by having you eat quickly so that they can get you out of their so a couple can have your table.

You can even go to concerts or sporting events alone. You can certainly enjoy these events without having someone with you. Sometimes you may end up talking to the person next to you, especially at a ball game.

Just because you are single and without a mate, doesn’t mean you should sit around the house and mope. If you want to go someplace and have no one to go with, go out by yourself. You can still have a wonderful time.

But I am lucky, I've got a partner... this isn't for me, it's for everyone who's single and lonely.

I think i need to repost this for myself... harharhar!

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