December 19, 2007

A need to mend my heart...

by Elsie Duggan

my many thanks to the author....

I am trying to find the smile

that is usually on my face

but it seems to be hiding

left without a trace

I know why it is missing

and I want to get it back

but I don't know how to do it

haven't found the knack

I know that I have tear drops

running down my cheek

I know the reason for that

my heart has sprung a leak

Things will be getting better

at least I'm hoping so

I just don't know why

time is passing very slow

I am trying to be blaze'

train my brain to stop this thinking

but I am not successful at it

I think this ship is sinking

I am doing my very best

to tread the water round me

and feel the love I know is there

Waiting to set me free

Patiently I sit here

trying night after night

to escape this lonely feeling

will I win this fight

It is only me that can bring back my smile

Only me to let love in

Only I can be the one

to take it on the chin

For I am tired of this feeling down

don't like it one little bit

I need to fix the leak in my heart

Before it's really split

So here life, take a punch at me

and smack me good and hard

make me wake up my old loving self

Catch me off my guard

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