January 13, 2008

Unspoken Words

I'm sorry, I could have love you more
In times when you feel so alone and you need someone to talk to
That you need someone to remind you of things you need to do
You need someone to take your hands every time you fall and feel so low
You need someone to wipe your tears every time you cry
You need a shoulder when you need someone to comfort you

I'm sorry, I could have love you more
In times when you're bothered you need someone to guide and listen
In times when you're happy you need someone to laugh with you
You need someone you can share your dreams and cherish what you have achieved

I'm sorry, I could have love you more
In times when I cannot give my self
I could have accepted that you also need somebody you can hug every time you feel cold
That you need someone to kiss your lips to assure you of the safeness of the night
I could have realize that you're a human being capable of being tempted, capable of loving someone else

I'm sorry, I could have love you more
When I caught you making love with someone else
I could have listen to you
I could have waited for your explanation
I could have calm down
I could have ask why
I could have understand
I could have forgiven

But you never say anything
You just left and say no words
You left and never come back
You didn't even say goodbye
You didn't even allow me to say anything
To say that I understand you
That after all you have done its ok
and I can forgive you.
That I can deny everything I saw
I can deny what I have felt
You didn't even ask how much I love you or do I still love you
That I am willing to be hurt more just to keep your love
You have killed me with your silence

I could have told you, I love you this much
I could have told you I can love you more...

many thanks to Allan Joseph
photo: submitted by Carvelo of Embassy of Brazil

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